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Going Live 04
Anne Smith-Hartly, Stephen Yeomas
Categoría: INGLÉS
ISBN: 978-607-746-093-0
Páginas: 140
Año Edición: 2015
Formato: 28 x 21.5
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Going Live! Book 04

Going Live! Book 04 is part of a brand new four-level series. Each level
covers  the  bachillerato  program  for  the Engish language and has been 
carefully designed and written by native English-speaking professionals.
Each of the four blocks in this book is accompanied by a comprehensive 
network  of  structured  support.  This  comes in the form ofj grammar 
explanations    and    user-friendly,   Workbokk    pages   that  help  you 
consolidate each point taught in class. 

We feel sure that our contemporary themes will keep your learning namic
and hope you enjoy the opportunity to go live! and practice your skills in
realistic simulations.

At Edelvives, we believe that lerning English means learning a skill that 
will  improve  the quality  of your  life. Going Live! guarantees that this
belief is put into practice 

Going Live! is a new four-level course that takes students form CEF A1 Level to B1/B2.
Our belief is that learning English means learning to use English. We bring this belief to 
life in Going Live! by providing students with dynamic, real world topics and activities 
that allow them to go live and practice their English using realistic tasks. 

Key Features
• US English• Four levels
• Each level divided into four blocks 
• Each block contains six, two-page lessons 
• Each level is designed to cover 48 hours of teaching 
• Core skills focus and extra practice
• Workbook incorporated 

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