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Good to Go 4
Syverson Joseph
Categoría: INGLÉS
ISBN: 978-607-746-400-6
Páginas: 120
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Good to Go 4 is part of a brand new five-level series for Englis DGETI. 
Each of the two blocks in Good to go 4 convers the DEGETI English programme and explores key, up-to-date, technological topics. Every one of the four main skills - reading - listening - writing - speaking - is revisited in a cyclical manner in order to consolidate and extend your global progress in English, There are plenty of opportunities for giving opinion and talking about interesting topics and you will appreciate the added grammar explanations and website references throughout.

At Edelvives, we believe that learning Englis means learning a skill that will improve the quatity of your life, for all your life. Good to go 4 puts this belief into practice. 

Key features:
  • Five levels
  • Each level covers 48 hours of class time
  • Web links
  • Integrated worbook in levels 1-4
  • Dynamic pair-work activities
  • Audio scripts
  • Classroom CD
  • Teacher's guide with answer key 

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