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Great life 1
Manzanos Josean, Casas Gizane, Diez Gorka
Categoría: INGLÉS
ISBN: 9786074563962
Páginas: 112
Formato: 27 x 20.5 cm
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 Great Life is a four-level course in American English, specifically written to take your students from A1 to B1.1 CEF standards. It is available in two versions: with or without activity workbook.

Contemporary topics relate to students’ interests, ranging from daily social activities to travel and work topics, and helping students to prepare for academic and professional progress. Useful web site follow-up links are provided with each topic.

Students are informed about the goals to be reached and language to be developed at the beginning of every lesson, making them aware of their responsibility in the learning process.

Multicultural awareness is emphasized throughout the course. Universal values are taught through reading texts and related activities.

Pronunciation is regarded as a very important communication skill. Clear pronunciation of English can avoid misunderstandings and frustration. Every unit includes a section for its development and practice. Reading comprehension is developed throughout the course. As the students advance, reading tasks become more complex and extensive. Texts are designed to give teachers opportunities to exploit them further and make use of their own creativity.

Each level represents 48 hours of formal classroom study. The Teacher’s Edition provides teachers with all the instructions, answers to tasks and teaching notes. It also indicates every generic and linguistic competency dealt with in the lessons. The Teacher’s Resources include a section of photocopiable materials to further develop language skills, along with notes on their use.

Great Life is a complete set that fosters students’ independence and self-study. It includes the textbook, an integrated colorful workbook and an audio CD, which allows extra practice in listening and pronunciation skills. At the end of the book, students are provided a list of irregular verbs for further review.


·   Student’s Book, Including Instructions and Answer Keys

·   Didactic Games and Instructions for Each Game

·   Tests

·   Generic and Linguistic Competencies

·   Phonetic Chart

·   Teacher’s Planner

·   Time Distribution Chart

·   Audio Script

·   Useful Tips


·   Student’s Book

·   Workbook

·   Audio CD

·   Teacher’s Book



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